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another piece of paper from the printer

Yesterday was a crazy day: And although it was my plan to head down to the factory and pack perfume, I ended up fiddling with an excel and the online shop in the test environment. And doing a lot of other things. Thus, today, I will spend more than a day there. … It took me a while until I understood some of the logic of the extension that we got  in order to -in a couple of days/weeks- accept orders for samples for (most) countries again. It is not really the extension that’s to blame, though: There was one particular point that I simply did not get, a “*” that was sort of overdriving what I asked the demo system to do.

So I tried to figure out logically what is happening:

“shipment costs for 2 samples to the US: 3.8 Francs. Check. OK. ”

“shipment costs for 1 samples to the US: 16 Francs. Check. NOT OK. but where the heck is the 16 coming from?” And this question arose kind of 2 hours later after finally! having figured out how to format the excel properly where I put in the values for the CSV file.

Until I finally found the * in the wrong place it took a while. I am the type of guy who cannot let go, once I bit into a bone, so to speak… When I got it, it was 2 pm already, and I had to head for Brieger, where I picked up a pile of cardboard packaging for larger orders. I ordered the 100 x40x40 boxes over the weekend as I expect to ship into my warehouse in the US in about a week from now.  (oh my… I really need to run now!) From there, Brieger, in their super nice cool blue new building,  I was heading downtown, by car to pick up printed cards from one of the best printers in town, for sure the nicest, Mr. Jakob, right in the center of Zurich. A trip that I usually do by bike: By car it takes at least twice as long. Back home, I fell in total love with the cards that I brought home with me. I will use them to go inside the new packaging of my Tauer line, first I will use them with Noontide petals.

There is a front side and a back side to this card. Today’s picture shows you the back side of the card, on top on the “How To… ” guido of my Magento shipping extension. I will use this backside to sign: Like I do it since I  send fragrances to the world: Every bottle goes out with a signed card, signed by myself, saying “Enjoy! Andy Tauer”.

And looking at it, I figured, that theoretically, if I really wished and if it was a good idea, I could use the backside to print, from time to time, illustrations, flowers, or whatever I feel might make sense there. Thus, the picture today shows you such a printed illustration on the card.  I need to talk to my designer about this….

And now, I really need to run to the factory. By the way: Through snow. Again. Arggh!