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another word on lys du désert

This morning, I picked the winner of last week’s draw, or rather picked it. Thus, someone somewhere will open her email today or tomorrow and hopefully smile. I haven’t posted on the blog for a few days as I wanted the draw to get its well deserved attention and as I was super mega giga galactical busy. You get the idea.

Today sees another super…. busy day and then: Uff! I will sit tomorrow morning into a nice 2nd class seat, in a train, for 4 hours and will relax. Paris is on the agenda. Just a very short trip, but worth it: Antonio, lovely shopkeeper of Marie Antoinette , one of the loveliest and cuttest perfumery in Paris, will launch Loretta and I will bring some samples and meet and greet perfume lovers there. I am so looking forward to it. If you are in the region: Paris, Place du Marché St. Catherine, Marie Antoinette, around 6 pm, Wednesday, November 14.

There was some time last week, nevertheless, the think about perfumes and compositions and I had a look at the Lys du désert’s formula. It was a look at something that I had created a while ago, a look at things from a distance so to say. Quite interesting. It is a rather concise formula. Optimised, and in a sense, the different lines within the fragrance are clearly carved out. So yes, it is a little bit like a screen print, but colored, and every color is a line within the scent that tells part of the story. I remembered that I wanted to do it very right for Luckyscent: So I optimized the formula and tried to make it as complex as necessary and as optimal to produce as possible. The result: ingredients. Among them rose absolute, jasmine absolute, cedarwood, cistus ladaniferus extracts (two different). The rose balances the composition and adds a floral quality without the scent leaving its unisex territory. The jasmine is part of the desert lily heart, again without leaving the unisex trail. And the two cistus extracts are part of the dry amber chord that dominates the base. Ah…. and yes. There is bergamot, lots of it, to brighten and enlighten the top notes, and in order to add this hint of lush green.

I wish you a great start into your week.

Today’s picture: a picture taken in Joshua Tree, the way I see it. sometimes.