answering interview questions

Today is going to be a very busy day and in between boxing and packing I need to answer interview questions for one of the top magazines here in Switzerland. “What was your first scent experience?” is one of them. Hmmm… my memories there are limited. I think of the dog “LEO” in the village, and my aunt’s cologne. Real Kölnisch Wasser. I have a bottle of it, sitting in my fragrance storage box, from my mother. The picture of today is a detail from the flacon.

Smelling this cologne , for me, brings back memories of  days long  gone by. A time where ladies always had their little flacon of Kölnisch with them. At least my aunt did. She did for all kind of purposes. Refreshing, perfuming, cleaning , you name it.


It is interesting: my first scent memories are not easy to find. Can you pinpoint a first scent memory?

In this context: In case you have not watched the video interviews that Brian did on scent memories: Now is the time to watch them, there on vimeo or on the Woman’s Picture blogging round.

Fragrant greetings!