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Are you afraid of the dark?

“Are you afraid of the dark? Don’t be; I’m not. We’ll guide you through the Forest Primaeval, have no fear. ”

This is Ida, Ida Meister, about Dark Mysterious Woods, in a scented snippet on Fragrantica. Here’s the link to Fragrantica.

Ida presents, in her beautiful imaginative words, 10 scents, all part of the UNRELEASED project by Tigerlily in San Francisco. The UNRELEASED collection is a collection of 10 perfumes by 10 independent perfumers (tauer included). You can’t get these scents nowhere, as they are … well: Unreleased.

By August 19 Tigerlily will open their online store and for those wondering about the details on how to get one of the Unreleased collection of samples from 10 perfume houses: beginning August 19th the Unreleased boxes will be a free gift with a purchase of $60.00 or more from the new Tigerlily Perfumery online shop [itself not yet officially open for business].

How exciting is this? This is… well: It brings back memories of the golden days of niche. And it is super exciting!

Today’s picture: My interpretation of my unreleased “Dark Mysterious Woods”.