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art projects

Today’s picture is really too small to see. The original is 70×50 cm and an experimental acyrylic work. Let’s give it a title: Broken city. Or “failed experiment”. I was experimenting with spatula, brushes and lot! of water.  Not every experiment really works.

On the perfume side of my daily life things work out nicely these days. Lonesome Rider shipped and ships and I am really happy. The idea with the dedicated website worked and I reached one goal there: Setting the tone and tonality and communicating that Lonesome Rider is special. OK: Let’s face it… I could have done the same for Noontide Petals, or for Sotto la luna. I feel that actually most of my creations deserve a dedicated space that goes beyond a product description page with a buy button. But then: Keeping up with one website is one thing.Keeping up with a dozens: Not possible, really.

So there’s one of the problems in the industry these days: The half life of a new scent is weeks. After a couple of weeks everybody forgets about it. This has definitely changed in the last 10 years. And, to be totally honest: I sometimes forget, too. I do not know when I talked the last time about Noontide Petals, really. Shame on me. It is a wonderful aldehydic scent that come pretty close to being vintage.

I mentioned it a while ago: I will get a new website. Here’s my hope: I hope that I will get a bit more space there to talk about products. And to publish larger pictures on my blog!

So, what’s next? Emails! Among other mails: I got so many project collaboration  emails ; It feels a bit like every day there’s a new art project popping up, dealing somehow with scent. Mostly, usually, I say no to any potential art collaborations. For a couple of reasons: (not in order of relevance) I feel I want to create fragrances, not art. I want to create them following my inspiration. I do not like my scents being shown as museum objects really. And I want to sell not show.

So you see: I am getting a bit tough there. I could spend the rest of my life shipping free bottles for exhibitions and doing scent art projects without getting 1$ back.

Maybe in other words: I prefer to ride alone when it comes to perfumes.