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at tauerville, clattering into autumn

Here, right now at tauerville’s office works space, printers run and clatter and pop out labels for Une Rose Chyprée. I love this fragrance, with its 50-ies touch, dark and resinous, and in my opinion very wearable for men. Anyhow. I mentioned it a couple of times, that I do the cards for the new packaging myself. The cards are replacing labels by fitting neatly into the metal box’s back, and I print them using a dedicated printer that was sort expensive when it was launched years ago, but I got it as hardly-ever used second hand model. So I am preparing all the stuff I need for another day in the factory, working on orders from retailers and distributors. Maybe, just on the side, a word on the difference between distributor and retailers: Distributors sell to perfumeries. Retailers are selling to the clients directly.

There are regions where you need a distributor, as the market is too closed or too complex or too regulated in order to export perfumes directly. Like Italy. There I am in a distribution model, with all the factors that rule the game, like margins and numbers. That is one of the reasons, why you find my fragrances all over the country. From North to South. The number of shops selling my products is larger than in the rest of the entire world.

A good reasons, I guess, to visit Pitti Fragrance, 2013, in Florence, September 13-15. Although, to be honest, I am a super small fish there, in a pond where there are lot of bigger fish, getting bigger every year, or at least there are more bigger fish every year. And “experts” and “round tables” and all the stuff that you actually do not really need, pointing to the fact that when getting bigger there is always the danger of getting less “niche”. On all levels.

Today’s picture: a spray vial with 08-Une Rose Chypree, in a discovery set. I took this picture while assembling a discovery set the other day, here at tauerville, and I include it here because of the rose chyprée, and as it kind of symbolizes the other side of tauerville, where I try to be as close as possible to my perfume loving fans. There is a danger when working in a distribution chain: getting far away, from clients, from wishes, from their smiles when they smell your scent.