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at tauerville, early looking into Christmas

today’s picture, bear’s garlic growing around the foot of a fir tree, highlights to one of the weekend activities: Bear’s garlic pesto, made with fresh, naturally grown bear’s garlic, collected in the woods up on the hills nearby. We were a bit late this year, but after the heavy rains on Thursday and Friday I figured that now is the time. No or never.

Walking through the woods after the rain, with the sun warming the fresh May leaves, shining on brown earthy spots on the ground, is quite a scented venture. And approaching bear’s garlic patches adds a yummie twist to it. Mouthwatering sulfides, that go so well with the mushroom aroma of warmed earth.

So that was one of the highlights. Other highlights were EU related excels that I tried to fill with meaningful information. This, unfortunately, is to some extend impossible, as the whole EU cosmetics regulatory system is so out of touch with the real world.  But then, you have to give to Cesar what Cesar wants. So I did that, too.

While jogging, another activity on the weekend,  I started getting out of my EU worries mode, and got into X-mas planning mode. It’s the time of the year when I have to make first decisions about X-mas and whether I want to come up with something special, like a special scent, a special soap, gift sets, whatever. So I thought, it would be nice to do a scent for the occasion. But contrary to my all natural cologne “Cologne du Maghreb”, it would be great to get an X-mas special that is heavier, woodier, richer, like “vanilla” centered. And I figured that I need to address stock and budget stocking up, as soon as I am back from my trip to Romania which is scheduled for tomorrow: Celebrating 5 years of my business partner Createur d’émotions! Hurray! (click here to say hello on their facebook side…) And greetings and meeting friends and perfume lovers there, too and enjoying spring in Romania.

So, let’s Christmas sit on the side for a moment and enjoy spring: For my German speaking friends, there was a lovely review and article in the “Duftprobe, inside the Magazin of the Rhein-Neckar Zeitung” (click for the pdf) , this weekend, featuring Mitsouko, Chanel 19 and Carillon pour un ange. Just wow!