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at tauerville, timeline for roses

Today’s picture shows you a quick sketch, done again with Adobe ideas,  that I did yesterday in tauerville, waiting for Mr. truck driver picking up a box. It shows you the test flacon for the upcoming “une rose de Kandahar”. I talked about this fragrance for a while. It all started with the offer from one of my suppliers for 50 gr. rose oil from Kandahar, Afghanistan. I bought it, worked on a scent and decided that if all goes well, this rose de Kandahar will be the 2013 holidays special.

Like my Cologne du Maghreb was an X-mas special once: This rose is supposed to stay and not be a limited edition. Let’s put it that way: It will be available on a somewhat low scale. I mean: the 50 gr. rose oil does not allow to do more than 15 liters of diluted scent. Maximally. On a side note: The cologne du Maghreb, as nice as it is, is not available on my site, yet. Since I did it for X-mas, I am planning to move it from the old flacon to my new flacon, and have it offered as a standard product on my website. Now, that the new packaging is introduced, we might indeed do this next step for the cologne. Right now, if you wonder, it is available through Indiescents or First in Fragrance.

So back to the rose de Kandahar. I made 1 kg of the fragrance mixture. It will go into dilution and will give around 10 liter diluted fragrance. This will last for a while. Although: You never know…. In light of all this, I figured that the rose de Kandahar fits best into the COLLECTIBLE series, where you find ZETA- a linden blossom theme-  these days.

So… I decided that I want PHI to represent the rose de Kandahar. I tested the silver labels on the Bakelite top and tried to get an idea of whether I like this idea. After sketching it: Yes I do like it. You know: I got 5 more labels for the Collectibles line: We used ZETA so far, others are PHI, PSI, EPSILON, MU and BETA. Thus, no reason to reinvent the wheel at tauerville.

Here is the timeline of all things rose de Kandahar related: Samples will be made available by (latest) November 15, I aim at early November. I will offer PHI-une rose de Kandahar in 50 ml flacons and as Explorer Set size (15 ml), for preorder by November and we will start shipping in November. For the time being, also in light of the limited number of bottles, it will be a Tauer online shop exclusive, for sure until the end of 2013, maybe with the exception in those countries that I do not serve directly. To be discussed. Thank you for not forgetting this story until November.