what's up?

autumn treasures

We have a guest dog for a few days, living and sleeping with us, and being the perfect motivation to go for early Sunday morning walks in the woods. The air was thick and wet and the fog droplets covered leaves that have begun to show off a last time in colorful dresses. There, the droplets grew and fell like the most gentle rain through the mist. The air was warm and quiet. Spiderwebs everywhere!

A perfect morning and a perfect start into this Sunday that brings some last minute preparations and some work, to get ready next week for LA.  Before flying out on Wednesday morning, I will spend my Tuesday on the highway, driving forth and back into and out of Germany. The timing of this trip is sort of unhappy, but there was no chance and I wanted to make sure that I got the trip up there done before LA.

But first things first: It is mixing day! Le Maroc pour elle will bring some warmth and sunshine into our little hut.

Enjoy your Sunday!