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back and getting ready

I think it is fair to say that Jovoy has become the first stop for selective niche in Paris. Finally.  And I am going there. The next city on my radar is Paris, where I will attend the official shop opening of Jovoy. My bottles already are, although you do not see them on their website, yet.

But first things first: Fragrant greetings from Zurich, where I got back yesterday morning. It feels like a stop in between, with some time to stock up Miriam purse sprays, samples, working on orders and getting new white T-shirts packed. Lucky me, I switched to Lewis 501 and a white T-shirt a while ago, thus no worries what to pack for the next trip.

NY was great, and we sure had a lot of fun there. We= John and me, and many others. I think John has the coolest home made, colored bottles on the market. Did you know that he actually spray colors all bottles himself, with great looking metallic car paint, that goes just wonderful what is inside the flacons (interesting scents and worth trying out, for sure!)? They look stunning and on the first sight you would not believe that they are hand made. But they are. Each one of them.

John Pegg, perfumer and founder of the brand Kerosene Trewthe

MiN, one of the coolest selective niche perfumery, with great chairs to relax and enjoy scents, is becoming a true hot spot for niche, for sure on the East coast of the US. Saturday afternoon was all joy, and I met so many perfume lovers! All nice guys. Amazing. My thanks go to Mindy and Chat who made it all possible and to everybody who joined and came by. And, as always, I forgot to take pictures. But I did one of the drink’s main ingredients: White Pike Whiskey. Great stuff, also when mixed.

Before heading for Paris on Thursday, I need to work on some stock and on some e-mails.  And I, yes, I am still all in positive shock and smile from here to there, as I made it into Basenote’s readers finalists top 5 as perfumer 2011. Which is of course totally exaggerated and I hope that Mona di Orio will be the final winner.  I really wish. But still, this is really cool. And als in the top five position landed, by the way, MiN, Luckyscent, Les Senteurs.

You see: it was a good time in NY. To compensate a bit, I went for a few jogs in town with my phone. Here are the pictures of what I have seen there. Enjoy!