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Back from Bucharest

Welcome back from Bucharest where I spent two days, talking to some of the most passionate, curious, warm and charming perfume lovers during Alexandra’s event, organized for the 5 year anniversary of Créateurs d’émotions, THE artisanal niche perfumery in Bucharest really.

The event was just great. There was an installation, where you could explore a particular scent (Lonestar Memories in my case) listen to a poem and music selected to go with the scent, in all privacy on one side, but sort of exposed on the other side. From the party, you were hidden, from the street, people could watch you through the glass windows. And you know what: This is what perfumes are all about. It is about a private, very personal act of enjoying scents, and it is about making a public statement that everybody on the street will get when passing by you.

Here is a picture of a perfume lover enjoying Lonestar, taken from the street.

smelling and listening, and enjoying Lonestar Memories

The event was very, very well visited, and you would not believe how much I enjoyed being there. Here a few more impressions…..


when the event started there was still room to take a picture…

And this is Alexandra, who organized it all!

Alexandra Paven