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back from Paris

So I was in Paris, yesterday and spent about 5 hours there. Enough time to hop into the Metro, visit Bon Marché, get frightened by the sales assistants there, get bored by the selection there, and hop over to the Grande Épicerie du Bon Marché right next to it. There: Paradise! I ended up over an hour in there, strolling through the selection of spices, fresh vegetable, cognacs, armagnacs, honey, cheese, fish. It is like the best this planet has to offer in one spot. I ended up buying a Calvados, for poor W.-factor who had to take care of orders and samples. 15 years old (the Calvados) and the lady waiting behind me in the queue at the cashier’s confirmed: “c’est un bon calva! “.

She was eating a croissant that she got in the shop , and threatened the cashier to continue eating it and when its gone she we go , too . And not pay, because it took forever. The Calvados bottle (the one from the very back ) was not labeled properly. The cashier asked me to get another one, which I did not. I am a bit stubborn there and insist on me being served when I spend money. Thus, I told her that she might rather go there herself. But she could not, or was not allowed, and hence we discussed about client and service and in between she tried to call for help. The cashier on the left did the same as another bottle brought by another client was without price.

In the end, it all solved itself out, with smiles, because I got the calvados, and the lady behind me had eaten her croissant.

Anyhow: Paris called me to get together with Misha, from Woodley and Bunny, Brooklyn, NY. It was the easiest and most convenient place to meet for the two of us. Woodley and Bunny has my brand in New York and we discussed this fact, their plans, and the future. Actually, we talked a lot about 2013.

It may sound weird, but that’s the way it is. We sat there, under a blue Paris sky in bright sunlight and talked about spring 2013.

Thus, I picked a picture for today that fits: It shows you an Oregano sprout sitting in a glass in our kitchen, with little roots (after treating it with root growth hormone): A little start for a big Oregano plant later and lots of pizzas.