general thoughts

back home

yes. I am back home. Today’s picture shows you the TGV train we took from Hendaye back to Paris and from there to Zurich. After a couple of strenuous days on the bike along the Atlantic coast in Spain it felt great taking the train and just sit and getting transported across Europe. The coast in this corner of the world (costa verde) is pretty hilly and the trip was quite tough. At least the first week.

The last two weeks saw me mostly smelling the scent of the sea and the interface between sea and land, with its thick, slightly rotten, salty, moldy and warm, rich green and watery notes, and the camphor notes of uncounted eucalyptus trees, and pines, and the fresh cut green and dried hay in the hills, and yummy scents of morning croissants and evening plates. Nice!

It was pretty rare that I wore perfume the last two weeks. It does not really make sense when cycling, I think. If I did, it was the fragrance that has the running title “aldehydic rose”. With its splendid sparkling notes (and a rich sandalwood base among other notes) it was perfect. And lasting forever it seemed. I enjoyed it a lot and am looking forward to sharing it in 2013. Right now, I am still getting the last two weeks out of my way, cleaning and organizing my e-mails. Next week will see me stocking up, and traveling to Helsinki, for a small but fine scent gathering. And then we start working on 2013, on Pitti Fragranze and whatever comes along.
Cheers from Zurich again!