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beauty is fleeting, by nature

“Beauty is fleeting” … I heard this on the TV, while working in the kitchen and liked it a lot. I figured that one could add “by nature”. So there we go. All beauty is fleeting, by nature; and so is luckily also the contrary.

This weekend saw me working mostly, getting the shipwire shipment ready (shipping products into my US based shipwire warehouse shelf), together with the papers for the emperor who wants to know everything. Fine with me, but just a lot of paper work and fiddling with Excel: Pack lists, commercial invoices, shipper’s declarations and the fedex papers on the side. But I managed to procrastinate a bit and ended up sketching on the ipad, in the factory on Saturday, skipping the lunch break: I sketched myself this time, from a mirror picture. Something I have not done since about 20 years and the result is today’s picture going with this blog post. Selfies are interesting, as they tell us directly or indirectly a lot about how we see us. I guess when painting oneself, this is even more true than when taking a phone picture for facebook. I guess a pencil lies a bit less than a photo camera. The sketch was done, by the way, on Adobe’s “ideas” app, using finger’s only.

Then: PHI-une rose de Kandahar- is online for preordering on tauerperfumes.com and I am finishing the newsletter to spread the news this week. Almost done. So, that’s good.

I guess this is a nice start into this week. I wish you a great start, too!