marketing and branding

black and white filter

Yesterday, I had a first meeting where we looked into tauerville, almost two years after changing flacons and packaging. This is not always easy, as I am emotionally  linked into my products and love them just too much. Thus, in order to successfully think about tauerville’s products, I need to add a black and white filter, allowing me to see a bit clearer.  Hence today’s picture. Black and white helps to see structures and forms better, sometimes.

Two years ago we were finalizing the new tauer design and started filling juice into the new bottles. Since then we learned a few things. And the world has moved on and changed. The EURO has turned into a currency that is swooning like baroque princess laced up from head to toe. Basically this translated into less money for Andy as we could not raise prices like we should in order to compensate the weak Euro to Franc exchange rate.  Europe is heading for a recession (again) and some countries in the Euro zone are shaken very hard already. Thus, hard times ahead. And it does not look like things are going to change that fast when it comes to Europe. At some point I will need to draw consequences on the changing economic environment here.

Those of you who follow this blog for a while know that I worry little about things, but just try to anticipate things and try to create the best environment for my creative venture: besides all the economic things, tauerville is about scents and perfumes, and the key goal will always be allowing me to create.

Thus, we moved on ; learned a few tricks and we learned a few things that don’t work they way we imagined. Like the inlay for the metal boxes; there we had to change from solution A to solution B to solution C.

Thus, we looked into numbers, ideas, visions and worries for the next 3 years to come. It will be my job in the coming weeks to lay out the plan of what will remain and what needs a polishing and what needs to be changed completely. Let’s call it evidence based adjustment. Excel , I am coming…

I think it is already a good guess expecting 2012 to be a year of conceptual work and 2013 to be the year where we introduce the changes.  Exciting!

Equally exciting is the latest addition I got for my raw materials collection: Labdanum absolute decolorized. I love this so much.