what's up?

broken things and being brave

Today’s picture shows you an egg that I used last Saturday to make a “hefezopf” loaf. The picture is a rough, A4 size, oil color sketch, on paper. An allegory for things that break and  cannot be fixed anymore, by nobody really, but at the same time they’re opening the door to something new.

Yesterday, I was brave. Regular readers of this blog know: I have an ipad. ipad 2. OLD. And slow, since I upgraded it to OS 7. Yesterday, I did a back up, and figured that it does not matter anymore (because it got so slow anyhow, and is crashing from time to time): I tried the upgrade to OS 8.x. Well, here’s the good news. It did it. But it did not help. Thus, whether I like it or not: I need to get a new one. The ipad is my communication tool, daily in the factory, when travelling, after dinner at home…I use it for hours on a daily basis and it just needs to function for my business to function.

I do not like getting a new one as the old one still works. It is not broken really. Which speaks for its quality. I runs and runs, but it does so slower and slower every day.

It is an irony really that the digital technology where everything happens seemingly in non material space, through bits and bites, produces an ever increasing mountain of electronic trash. Using rare earths from the heart of Africa, which is very problematic. Anyhow: I need to get a new one.

Yesterday, when meeting with Swiss perfumers and art folks and Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder of the Institute for Art and Olfaction, – a meeting that was really fun and brought a lot of perfume and mind power together- I was also brave: I put on a fragrance that I love but that is not on the market, yet. I got a compliment. Yeah! Saskia is heading for Milan to announce the finalists of their annual award. Cool!

It is very rare that I wear perfume and even rarer that I get compliments. Thus, that was nice. And no: I cannot tell you more about it, yet. It is the next tauerville scent, though.

Tauerville is really fun, and I enjoy it a lot. I feel like “Pippi Langstrumpf” (Pippi Longstocking) , doing what I love to do. Of course, at Tauer Perfumes I also do what I love, it is just a different context.

There at Tauer Perfumes, I am still fiddling with a couple of trials. They are not ready yet to wear them in public, though.What troubles me most is the hyacinth. I think I need to be a touch braver there. But you know: You can’t force things. I feel that there is one thing missing in the base, but I could not figure out what, yet.