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building fragrant empires

These days, I am sort of stuck inside, stocking up for autumn. Today’s picture shows you some pentachords flacons,  on their way to getting the finishing touch: The white wooden pentachords top cover.

Thus, I have a lot of time, playing in my mind, coming up with great ideas that will change the world. Unfortunately, most of them do not survive the next bottling circle, but it is a fun game to build fragrant empires and perfumes in your mind.

When not dreaming, I think about stickers and labels that I need for Tableau de Parfums and Evelyn Avenue, respectively for Miriam, the first fragrance in this line. The goal is to minimize the number of stickers (at least for the moment), to maximize the flexibility of the packaging, and to reduce the risk imposed by changes (such as label requirements imposed by law, or by retailers with special wishes) by customization with printed labels.

This is sort of a mind game, too. But more on the serious side.