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California dreaming

Still dreaming my private California dreaming: Or my first post -California-holiday blog post with news on Tableau de Parfums and Evenlyn Avenue and more.

We got back after two exciting weeks, mostly out in nature, with lots of camping and steaks and smoke. Our washing machine back in Zurich is in heavy duty mode and believe it or not: The first washing cycle on my black Odlo fully synthetic shirt did not remove the all natural birch tar perfume. “Oh WOW!”, the W.-factor said yesterday evening,” it sure smells like LONESTAR MEMORIES now!”

I would say “California memories”. Good memories. We camped most of the time, in places without net or other distractions. This helps to focus. Living a touch closer to nature comes with a lot of insights, like how hard the earth actually feels when you need to sleep on it and how lovely it is to have a hot shower from time to time. I will go into more details in the coming days.

Right now, I am going full speed in preparation mode for the upcoming, all exclusive launch of the PENTACHORDS fragrances in Rome, at Campomarzio. Here is the facebook event page (click here). I will also go into more details on the fragrances and why I launch them exclusively at Campomarzio in June. The fragrances are all finished and ready and I will start selling world wide after the Pitti Fragrance show in Florence. I guess, if you have time in between: Pentachords might be a good excuse to visit Rome. The next step in the preparations for the launch of the three scents that are quite… unique: I will drive to Milano on Thursday for a video interview with Extrait. (ADDED: Here’s the link to the Campo Marzio Event page.)

And, I am also going full speed in preparation and buying mode for the upcoming Tableau de Parfums; the fragrances built in collaboration with Brian Pera, as announced two weeks ago (click here for more information on how it started).

The challenge here: Come up in time with the right packaging that reflects the VINTAGE quality of the fragrance, by the way the most expensive fragrance I have created so far (besides Orris) and that captures the SPIRITS of what Brian and me want to share in scents and pictures. Now, that the news is out, I can finally talk about this project. All needs to be ready by early October when we launch in LOS ANGELES together with Luckyscent. Luckyscent is very supportive and without them, the entire project would not have been possible. I guess, the world of niche perfumery would not exist as we know it in the USA without them. Here’s a cheers to Luckyscent. Thus, the launch of the entire project with the first fragrance, MIRIAM, is scheduled for early October in Los Angeles at Luckyscent, and guess who will travel to this wonderful city again. YES! I can’t wait…

Fragrant greetings to you all. It is nice to be back.