what's up?

Canyon Dr.

Back from Los Angeles.


It is always amazing like you are  catapulted  from one reality into another, from bright lala land into grey z-land, z like Zurich. This time, the catapulting process took a bit longer than expected as the flight to Zurich was cancelled and I was sort of rerouted. But that was ok, I got a dining voucher that I invested into sushi, and knowing this situation I was the first guy on the desk getting a re booking. When I heard “cancelled”, I was in jump mode and was on the desk within a second. 

I was also in jump mode up Canyon Dr (today’s picture) a few days ago, on my way up Griffith park, overlooking Hollywood. I learned that there’s a mountain lion up there in Griffith Park, since  a while, living up there, peacefully eating mostly coyotes. Imagine. How cool’s that? Life really is different there in LA, and a mountain lion on this island of wilderness, in an ocean of highways, is like super amazing. There is a picture on Facebook, a first selfie, of me up on the highest point, after jogging up there for about 50 minutes, with the Hollywood sign in the background, proof that I made it up there.

Super amazing is also PHI- une rose de Kandahar, and how it was received these last few days: We are sold out in our Shipwire warehouse in the US. In a couple of days, we should get more stock in and be able to ship again. All orders placed now, for PHI- une rose de Kandahar, with delivery within the US, will ship automatically, following the date of order, as soon as we got stocked up again. Swiss, and other orders are not affected, as we ship directly from here, Zurich. And yes, we can only ship full bottles to Switzerland, France, Germany. There is no need to ask me for exceptions. Thanks.

“as soon as we got stocked up again” actually means: I am on my way to my little factory where I will fill more bottles, label them put them into metal boxes, and pack them for shipwire individually (lick ‘n stick), and pack them for Fedex, and get the paperwork done tonight. So you see: I am busy again, which is just about the best I can get right now to fight jet lag. Cheers to you’ll from grey old Zurich.