what's up?

capturing the moment and flying out

Good morning from Zurich. Today’s picture: The sun going down in Zurich, as seen from the balcony, unfortunately missing one element: The reasons why I took this picture. I got out onto the balcony and saw the sun going down behind the tree, and in the middle of the tree: A wonderful great and big crow. The perfect picture. I went inside, searched the camera, searched the battery for the camera, got out again, set the focus manually and the lightening and one moment before I pushed the bottom, the crow got bored and flew off.

Arrgh. So you see: two lessons (at least) or two take home messages to be learned here.

a) sunsets WITHOUT crows are also nice. This is the “Ah well, who cares, I have photoshop” approach.

b) get organized and have your camera ready all the time. This is the “Missed! Next time, this won’t happen again” approach. Some moments never come back, though.

I can actually think of a few other take home messages here.

Anyhow: Today, I will try to make sure catching the moment -not taking pictures of crows, though. Today, it’s Creative Friday again! I will have to go to the factory rooms, get some last minute stuff done there, but a few hours will be free today, free to play. Playground: finishing my trial, around Bourbon vanilla, carbon dioxide extracted. Things look bright there.

Last minute stuff means: I will leave next week, for a week, fly out of Zurich, westwards, and will have a few business meetings. In between these: desert time! It is going to a bit of a densely packed trip, but you have to take what you can get, capturing the moment, right?

And now comes a first, and I am a bit sorry, but there was no other way, really. I will shut down the website and blog and shop for a few days, too. My IT supporter will  do some maintenance on the various systems running in the back, wordpress and magento. We had couple of issues the other day, on the blog, and needed to urgently update. And, planned since a while with the perspective of getting ready for Sotto la Luna, my IT guru will adjust the main navigation. Usually, I have a backup in Zurich who ships orders when I am not around. This time, it got a bit complicated, there was little time (no time) to pass on the shop, and to instruct the new products in place (Explorer Set) and their shipment. And even if somebody does the shipment, you still get a lot of mails where folks have questions about products and orders.

This and that and the fact, that the fact that I am a one man show and every mail ends up on  my plate, made me decide to shut down for a few days. You could also say: I just so needed a brake!

But now that this is decided and around the corner: Feeling guilty….

Ah well: you can’t please everybody, not even yourself, I guess.