Linden blossom


Caramel alarm!

Yesterday, before spaghetti dinner and after boxing some air,  I wanted to get a  first trial on Linden blossom done, with the goal: create an homage, a fragrance that does justice to Linden blossom. You know: before I go for my biking trip. I sure need to repeat this experiment, as I fell into an old, actually well known trap, that lures nevertheless again and again. Ethylmaltol, Caramel sticking to everything, this is THE caramel molecule, and whenever you think just a hint of sweet powder, then you already added too much.

This stuff is sooooo powerful. Think angel dust, suffocating everything.

But as I was not pleased with the entire chord, I will redo it again, using my Linden blossom CO2 extract (I got the linden blossom from Ecomaat, in Bulgary) but this time more on the happy side with lots of citrus. .. hmm: Lemon zest. I guess…. . Maybe with a bit of rose, with lots of citronellol as it might add a lift to the rather rough and harsh linden blossom extract,  but not the Carbon dioxide extract, nor the Swiss Alp rose (see picture of today) but rather the absolute from Bulgary.

And I feel like pushing the amber and iris root button. But this will all happen on the side, as I need to get some stock ready before I hit the bike towards mid of this week.