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carillon inside

Today’s picture is another scan: Chrysanthemum, scanned the other day.

And it is a  heavy duty production day today: More eau d’épices needs to go into flacons and (later) boxes. The last few weeks were a bit crazy when it comes to the spicy water.

And referring to an earlier post: I started working on the signatures in my mail, changing them from time to time. Right now I am using the eau d’épices signature. Maybe this is why we see a little eau d’épices boom? would be cool to control sales by signatures…. [dreaming]

* * * * * * *
L’EAU D’ÉPICES, eau de parfum
… cuddly warmth of spices glowing in the dark of long winter nights.

Other signatures in use are:

…circling an exclusive chord of red petals, an homage to rose.


… lily of the valley in their mossy bed, after a gentle sprin rain

Before I finish this post and move over to the studio room and fall into flacon pouring stasis mode: Here ‘s the highlight of today: I got the scent cards tests that were done in France, by Scentis,  with the CARILLON POUR UN ANGE fragrance on, or better: With the fragrance in. They tested various dilutions (5%, 10%, 15%) and sent me sample cards with the fragrance in. Wow. Heavenly. Especially in 5 or 10% the cards smell just…wonderful. It is different to spraying the scent onto cards. The fragrance come from the inside, and as Scentis explained to me: This paper is very different, sort of fibres only and kind of special fibres, and that is why the fragrance  is there in all its facets. And it lasts. Forever.  It is quite amazing.

Thus, together with the design for the cards that we decided yesterday with the design guru, I have all ready to go into production mode there.  More soon again…