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Carillon with light

Wow. What a weekend…This weekend was busy.

Yesterday, I jogged as long as never before in my life (well… just a bit longer than normal). All pumped up and in need to get some energy out after Milan and a busy week before. MOSS by Gusgus sure helped to get into full speed mode. To get an idea: Click here.

Milano was nice, with temperatures around 20 or a bit more, a bright sun on an immaculate blue sky, and a CARILLON pour un ange gleaming in the perfumery of Guido. (Profumo, via Brera, THE niche perfumery in Milano).

Guido has built a super cool lightening behind the Carillon flacon inside the metal box, through the inlay. It looks gorgeous.

Exscence was short, at least for me: I stayed only three hours there after meeting bloggers and clients in the profumo perfumery. Not enough to sniff a lot. It was impressive as always and a bit frightening: There is so much going on in this field. Yet, so little of value. The trend towards body fluids has not come to an end. But trust me: I did not stop at any body fluid related perfume corner. Not for a second. Not even a glimpse.

But I stopped for quite a while at Patricia de Nicolai’s stand. My beloved New York. Still wonderful!