Tableau de Parfums

certificat d'enregistrement

yesterday, after the hike, back home, I opened the mail and finally got it: The Certificat d’Enregistrement of TABLEAU DE PARFUMS as European trademark. I was expecting it, as I got a few letters from fake trademark offices asking for fees.

Thus, the acceptance of the mark, we see a lot of $ less on the bank, and one trademark more protected in the US, CH and EU. It is amazing how much needs to be invested into a brand beforehand before you even sell one simple sample or bottle. Even if you do this on a small and moderate scale, like we do, it is a lot of $ that sits in the warehouse and in certificates and bits and bytes. There are two more items for the warehouse, coming next week, no actually three: The DVD, the purse spray that I will get next week and the novelette that I will get printed next week. And then we can start. It is more than a year since we started.

The DVD and the novelette, by the way, are a part of the 50 ml perfume packaging, a complimentary addition, introducing and seducing into the world of Woman’s picture and Miriam.

As the W.-factor who happens to be my bookkeeper told me on the way back from the groceries this morning: “it is about time that you start selling this baby!”

“Sure will”, I replied. “We start October. Slowly,first in the US, on Evelyn Avenue and on Luckyscent. And then the rest of the world will follow. No worries there.”

Next week, I wish to explain a few more details on Miriam, why I love luckyscent and I feel it will be time for another rosy post. Stay tuned and enjoy your weekend.