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chinese way

Here we are busy fulfilling orders and shipping stuff. Yesterday, a happy day actually, I prepared the boxes for my warehouse in the US that serves my US clients, through shipwire, an order fulfillment company. The do the shipping of full bottles in the US for me, as I cannot directly ship full bottles due to air freight restrictions here in Switzerland.

Today’s picture shows you where I get my packaging material from (Brieger), and how I transported it (bike) as it was sort of a  last minute order: The Chinese way, so to say.

What goes into the shipwire warehouse: Gardenia, Sotto la luna! Hurray. Mid August, I will start selling samples and will accept orders for full size product and early September these Gardenia bottles will ship. Here’s how I pack them.

Packed Gardenia, with THANKS! label

Packed Gardenia, with THANKS! label

The barcode on the picture is for shipwire, on the outer packaging. I helps them to keep track of what I ship.

All fine there. All products that I ship from now on come with a branded little sticker, saying THANKS! I figured that it will make a difference. An entry point into the brand.

There was not much time for painting, unfortunately, but once this week is over, it will cool down a bit. That’s the plan, at least. But today, I will bring some water colors into the factory. For my lunch break, if there is going to be a break.