what's up?

click rates and taking a deep breath

yesterday, we had rain like crazy. And orders for the explorer set coming in like crazy. In the evening, the sun broke through, I took the camera and made a picture and realized that it is time to take a deep breath, and I found a moment to sit, and relax. I guess, when running a venture like mine, it is important to take a moment and take a deep breath from time to time.

Right now, I am on my way to the “factory”, where you will see me packing perfumes, like we do every day these days. So yes: It is very busy here, as always after the fair and before the next event(s). This months sees me flying east. Like north-east (Yekaterinenburg in Russia)….

Something to look forward to, when I am down in the room where I pack things, waiting for the Fedex man picking up the explorer sets. We got a lot of interest in this new product combo. Right now, we are only offering the top sellers in this format, but due to the high interest and many questions, I feel that we need to add the other scents from  my line, too. Something to get done after my travelling east.

Finally: Here’ s an amazing number from the newsletter send out that I did on Tuesday. We haven’t sent a newsletter in a while, and I changed the system, using Chimpmail now to get it layouted and sent. Chimpmail comes with a nice, easy to use statistic. You could do more, I guess, but I am happy with what I get in terms of statistics: You basically see how many opened the send out and how many actually clicked. I got a click rate of 25% which is like “wow!”. Think : Superwow!. Usually, you are happy if you get like 2-3 %. So… that is nice, and I am very happy with it. And am looking forward to the next one.