making ofTableau de Parfums

clustered desk

Today’s photo shows you the out most right corner of my desk where packaging tests, purse spray sample vials, demo flacons, and some dust settled while working with Brian on the flacon and its packaging for Tableau de Parfums (for first pictures: see Woman’s Picture fan page on facebook or Evelyn Avenue ). It all still sits there, partly because I am lazy, partly because I like to see where we came from and where we are heading. I will clean it up as soon as we launched the first fragrance October 6 in Los Angeles and screen the movie(s) in LA. Then, I will be ready to clean the past. I do the same with trials I made during the development of a fragrance. Once launched, I let them all go and through them away. They are ghosts of the past, and I want them to be free to fly away, and not bothering me again. But, looking at a past where nothing was defined and where we fought with concepts and ideas helps especially during days like yesterday: I got  goods delivered that we can send to the trash or back to the shipper right away.

In one delivery the print was -for whatever reasons- not ok. Not my fault… Things like that happen.  The brain plays trick on us and we see what should be there, not what is there. You have three people from production checking it. You have the boss having a look at it too. Even me, when I got the purse spray envelop packaging today, I was all happy, checked the patterns, the print sharpness, the color. All OK. And I did not see it. It was only when I showed it to the W.-factor, like “look, what we’ve got!”, when I realized that somehow, the A and B of Tableau were like printed together. On top of each other. Eating each other. not good.

Thus, we get it replaced for free in two weeks. Day like that with calls and mails forth and back are like a real life drama. So we get it replaced for free and I feel sort of sorry for the company producing it. But then, they told me, this happens. And it is just paper, sustainable produced. Thus, we need to wait another two weeks but now I have no worries anymore: The next packaging print will be checked like a banknote.

Speaking of bank notes: Maybe you want to have a closer look at your <insert your currency bank note here>: a lot of money is loosing its value these days.  Have you seen what happens these days on the stock and currency exchange markets? If not: Check it out. A interesting lecture on human nature. And a frightening one.