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Combava ess bio nop

a while ago I was in Paris, for the sole purpose to smell and discover and rediscover and say hello to raw material providing business partners during the XI salon de Matièers Premières.. And, ah well, yes: To enjoy a great city, staying there for a day or two, with the perfect excuse.

The fair, or “salon”, was wonderful and affected my bookkeeping: After smelling the Madagascar Vetiver, Molecular Distillation quality, by Biolande, I could not help fighting my inner voice telling me that we shouldn’t , but wanted to get some, asap. I tried the vetiver at Biolande’s stand, together with other goodies. One of them was Petitgrain, petitgrain combava, bio (organic) and incredibly long lasting and quite different to what you think your typical petitgrain is. In a sense, it is somewhere in the middle between the earthy neroli reminding classical petitgrain, and the earthy citron and lime evoking lemongrass, or litsea.

I wanted this one, too.

Immediately, I figured, this vetiver, this petitgrain, this is perfect. Be it for a cologne, be it for a vetiver stand-alone.

So I ordered. And got it yesterday, by Fedex. And I cannot wait until August, when I have a bit more time to play (again). The next few days, I really, really, really  have to sit behind the computer screen and churn papers, lists, pictures, and more out with deadlines set for the weekend. Time is running fast! But at least I can put some vetiver scented paper strips next to me and dream. Not that I really need another vetiver, nor does the world, but still…why not?