marketing and branding

comes with golden sticker: trademark registration from the USPTO

How cool is that: I post about sotto la luna® yesterday, and at the same time, one hour later, the postman rings and brings the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) Certificate of Registration for the trademark SOTTO LA LUNA. And -as always- the US document, in comparison to the Swiss pendant, comes with a shiny nice, golden, blingbling sticker at the bottom. Love it! The Swiss paper is a grey mouse in comparison.

So….Yes, Sotto la luna is ready now. And I know how to type ® on my keyboard (ALT 169); so we are ready, at least from the registration point of view. Some may ask: Why another line within the line? Why Sotto la luna?  Actually, some already did. Why not just add one number after the other, like 15, 16, 17, …

Here’s the thing: You could of course do it. Says me, the guy who is filtrating Carillon pour un ange right now in the background in order to fill more HOMAGES bottles later in the factory.

There, with the homage line, in the amber colored flacons, we did the same thing: a line within the Tauer line. Initially, I wanted to create a line within the line in order to be simple and clear and for perfume lovers easy to remember.

In the mean time, having learned a couple of lessons from (perfume) life and business, I realized that having separate lines allows to selectively correct mistakes that you inevitably make. These mistakes, the little errors that sneak in when a lot of what you do is a first in your life, these mistakes can then be corrected, without having to rebuild the entire house. And lines within lines allow me to do experiments, without having to completely rebuild an entire house.

It is actually like having different rooms that you decorate differently, the sotto la luna room will feature quite some silver elements on the outside of a 50 ml flacon,  and inside highly concentrated and expressive, present fragrances, all of them are linked by their particular formulation: Very complex and deep. And by the underlying inspiration: Flowers, white in color, blooming under the moon. I am curious already now to see who will visit this room in the house of tauer and how it will look in the end.

Until we get there: Carillon pour un ange needs to get into bottles. Urgently!