making of

completely packed

There we go: Another packing day in the factory. Although: Factory in my case= two rooms, one without view as it is holding stocks of everything all the way up to the ceiling; and one with a view, where I have more shelves to store semi packed stuff, two large tables, chairs, a water cooker and one or two tech gadgets. So… simple.

Today’s picture shows you how I have to pack these days. Here’s the thing: by February, if all goes according to plan, full bottle orders will be shipped by SHIPWIRE, right from  a central warehouse in the US. I am preparing for a test shipment of my dangerous goods by FEDEX, a test with some (50) bottles, paying all the extra fees and getting the assistance from a dangerous goods expert who will also sign my shippers declaration. Shipwire needs to get my goods as lick and stick: they just print a label and off it goes. But only nationally, within the US….thus , my packaging gets more complicated. To ensure perfect arrival at the warehouse, we pack the boxed perfume with bubble foil inside a 15cmx15cm box, and this box then goes into sealed cardboard shipping envelopes. A shipwire sku label gets on the back with a barcode for easy control, and three dangerous goods related labels onto the other  side .

So you see: the new packaging, scheduled for later in spring/summer will make our lifes much easier. It is streamlined for storage and transport…

Actually, the packing day was yesterday…today is a business meeting day. And so is tomorrow. For a variety of reasons I am looking forward to this.