general thoughts


there we go…I successfully completed the PCI Data Security Standard Compliance Assessment Task.  And I am compliant. Uff.

Basically this means that my online shop is safe and that I do not store any credit card data. Well, I cannot store them, to be precise, as all credit cards data on my online shop are not handled through me but through a super safe postfinance interface.  Be it: Tauer GmbH (that’s my official company) is compliant.

You see: An exciting morning so far. Next: Getting ready for the factory and boxing some perfumes among other things.

And when I am done with that, back to the computer, getting shipment papers ready and maybe hopefully squeeze in a moment with my ipad painting and with some raw materials, playing. I would love to continue playing with tuberose et al. Every morning when I wash my hands with the tuberose fragrant soap called Loretta that I made to support the kickstarter campaign for Only Child, every morning I think: Today I need to continue there. The soap fragrance feels to me like a building block for a nice scent, like Mandarines ambrée, the soap, was for Orange Star. We will see. I do not want to tease you too much.

Anyhow: I must admit… these days I am a bit tuberose lover. And every day I learn that there are many, many tuberose lovers out there. Are you?