creating scents

copy of nature

Uff. We (my two helping hands and me) sort of managed to get packed and ready what needed to get packed in the “factory”. Like: Piles of air du désert sitting there, waiting for autumn and the holiday season and “if we are lucky” it will last into early next year.

Thus, that exercise is sort of over for the moment. Back to the routine of doing every day a bit of everything.

And back to working on ideas and scents: Like… sandalwood. Sandalwood, Santal notes: I just love them. Quite often I feel that real sandalwood from Mysore (santalum album) is actually good enough a material to make a perfume by itself. A single ingredient perfume: compare this to other single molecule perfumes…. But then I also feel that a nice “sandalwood centric” perfume is actually missing in my line or the tauerville line.

Not too easy, though, as sandalwood as a note is very gentle and it is tough to come up with a nice sandalwood note that stands out, without being overcome by other notes. And then: Sandalwood, the real thing, is expensive. Thus, you need to build a sandalwood core that is enhanced (enhanced sounds better than diluted) and that costs less.

For instance with Bacdanol. A creamy, cosmetic feel, less woody, more on the floral side, sandalwood note. An single molecule that, combined with other molecules, like Sandalore (a bit more on the woody sandalwood side) gives actually quite a natural feel of a sandalwood note.

Now… the question: Do you really need the real thing inside, a least a bit,  if the substitute is close? Actually, the substitue might be recognised by many perfume lovers as the real thing because the real thing is not known to many and we are all conditioned to the substitute.

Well, my answer so far: Yes. You need the real thing.

I am really looking forward to playing again with scents and talking about it. Time to get out a bit more of the factory….