creating scents

creative Friday, again

Today is Friday again, and as almost Friday this means that I try to spare some time to be “creative”, whatever this might mean. Today, the plan is to head first into the factory, in order to finish the soaps packaging, and pour some Tableau de Parfums Loretta purse  sprays, pack them and then head back home again. Jumping into the “messy atelier room”, where we pack our online shop orders, where I draw and where I mix fragrance trials. I feel it is another gardenia thinking day/afternoon.

Although: as it is “creative Friday”, there are not really any rules what happens and the plans might change. That’s the think with creativity. It is a fluid world when you start playing, and you have to go with the flow.

I have a trial done for what could be/should be a gardenia base, that I might later want to use to build a scent around it. It is ok, but there are two or three mistakes in it. There is too much Methyl Benzoate in it and this error makes it a touch too sharp. There is a hint too much of methyl tuberate (tuberolide, a wonder molecule) and I think it misses a hint of green, such as geraniol, geranium,  and maybe a hint of rose absolute to soften things.  As it is a base, it does not really need to be fine and elegant. This can be fixed by creating the perfume around it. But it should be sort of close to the original, or at least to the aspects that you might find interesting, such as green spicy white floral lines.

We will see how that goes.

Enjoy your Friday!