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Crocus on the go

Here in Zurich, a wonderful, sunny, and gentle week is ahead of us. Spring is just glorious. In the garden, the crocus, completely scentless, is in bloom. A bright yellow.

But, despite all the glory and gentle warmth of the season: I will spend most of the time in the factory. T00 much’s going on right now. Which is perfectly ok. And there’s always time for some procrastination, with colors and brushes and…. tatata! a microphone that I got for my nikon for my videos for my youtube channel for my tauerville page.

The youtube channel is a new experience for me and, as I am not a digital native, a steep  learning curve’s ahead. I hope.

It is quite fascinating: When I started tauer perfumes, about 10 years ago, things were quite different. No unpacking videos, as youtube started more or less at the same time like tauer perfumes. That’s quite “wow”. The internet really is disruptive as technology and I am curious where we will be in ten years from now. Hard to say, really. But there’s one thing I know: In ten years from now, the crocus will push through the snow and bloom under a gentle March sun.