Dark Passage and kickstarter

Today’s picture shows you the Tableau de Parfums purse spray that I will soon fill with DARK PASSAGE, the super limited edition that is only available in March through the Kickstarter campaign for ONLY CHILD. Afterwards , when the financing and support campaign for Brian Pera’s latest film project comes to an end, then the perfume will be gone. ONLY CHILD is the next Evelyn Avenue full feature film project. I was lucky enough to read the script and love it. It is mysterious, noir and continues there where the Loretta story ended in Woman’s Picture.

You can get the fragrance here, on Kickstarter. Just check out the various pledges and follow the process through. The mechanics behind it is all done by Amazon.com. Thus, it is super safe and easy. Click here to get to the campaign page.

And yes, besides DARK PASSAGE, you find other treats  there, too. Some of them are fragrant. Like the Loretta soap (more on this tomorrow). Some of them are film and other arts related. And more is to come. Thus, you might from time to time visit again, either Kickstarter, or follow the story developing on Evelyn Avenue’s blog. And of course Facebook, and twitter.

So… the fragrance Dark Passage SNAPSHOT is here to stay for a couple of days only and then it will be gone. And -like it or not- the same is true for most fragrances that see the world today. They are gone tomorrow. Tomorrow might be a few months or years.  But most of them are gone within a year. For me this first SNAPSHOT fragrance comes as a relief. Finally, I can do a fragrance that does not need to go through any distribution and sales machinery and EU registration and other investments. It is just here. If you are interested in it: Get it.

I think I will not even answer mails about it when March and Dark Passage is gone.

It is refreshing: Think about it for a couple of months, create it during a couple of months, offer it for a month, and then forget it and make room for new creations and ideas. An artist’s dream come true.