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Day 12 of the advent calendar

Welcome back today. It is day 12 of the advent calendar, with another chance to win a flacon of the all natural, all botanical Cologne du Maghreb. The only thing you have to do: Leave a comment on this blog post.

Today I share an intimate detail with you: You see below the only white, free spot on my desk. The rest of the desk is filled with computer, printer, perfume bottles from brands that I like, like Hermes’s Eau de gentiane blanche, some paper, although I am pretty good in keeping the piles of paper small. Here I have a simple rule. For every piece of paper I ask myself immediately whether it is important or not. If not sure: I through it away. Thus, at least there are only small piles with important papers on the desk.

But there are more bottles: 30 ml brown flint glass bottles where I store my experiments. I usually do my experiments in 12.5 ml -25 ml size, depending  on how much diluted raw materials I use. Right now, I am working on an aldehydic rose, some colognes and fresh cologne inspired eau fraiche, I am doing last inspections on the third Tableau de Parfums fragrance, Ingrid, and I am testing a lot of raw materials that I want to get in 2012. Cypriol coeur, Champaca, rose specialities, and other delights.

And you also find a lot of small spray sample size vials, where I test dilutions of experimental fragrances. The concentrate needs to mature for at least a week or two. Later it gets diluted and filled into into small vials. And then the experimental fragrances get tested. And usually, we start over again.

Thus, you see: my desk is sort of dominated by bottles.

Now, I invite you to make sure to take your chance to win this cologne. Your comment can be as short as you wish, or you can tell the world what your desk looks like.  Just make sure to leave a valid e-mail (will not show on the blog) allowing us to contact you.  Good luck!

This draw is closed now. See the advent calendar for your next chance. Thank you to all of you who participated.