Give aways and goodies

Day 12 of the advent calendar

Fragrant greetings on day 12 of the advent calendar! Thank you for leaving a “hello” or any comment in the comments section below to enter the draw of today: Your prize is the Cologne du Maghreb that you will not find anywhere else.

Actually, yesterday, during the scent apero in Zurich, you could find 4 flacons of the cologne, sitting there together with 10 flacons of diluted citrus oils and orange blossom extracts. I used the cologne as an example to show what you can do with citrus essential oils (among other things). A few asked when and if this cologne will be available for money, with a price tag, in a shop. Well, for the time being, it will not be available. having introduced 4 scents this year, I feel it is enough with new scents for now.

And, without teasing you:  I like the idea that there are things money cannot buy.  This is luxury. Actually, thinking about it, there is so much you cannot buy in life. And this is good. Enjoy your Sunday!

lemon and cake

lemons and cake, seen yesterday during scent apero