Give aways and goodies

Day 14 of the advent calendar

Hello from Zurich, Switzerland, a sort of little big city in the heart of Europe. EUROPE, with its EURO crisis, where it is quite chilly below zero Celsius and where with dropping temperatures the EURO versus the Swiss Franc is dropping on a daily basis, too. After yesterday’s prize that goes to Canada, here is another chance to win a Cologne du Maghreb, where ever you live. I loved yesterday’s geography comments; great to see where everybody comes from. Just leave a comment below to win: any comment is in. Maybe, because I am a very curious person. What’s your favorite perfume note? I feel mine is orange blossom.

Coming back to the EURO, mentioned beforehand. This IS an issue the longer the more. We (me and the W.-factor who is my partner and my book keeper) are all getting deeply worried about it. About its going down in value (the same is true for the $ US), which translates into a reduced trust in this currency in comparison to the Swiss Francs. And it is a sign that the EURO crisis is far from over. Being an outsider, it may be a bit easier to face a potential failure of the common currency. And it has a very direct influence on my products as it influences a lot of decisions that we need to take: Pricing, sourcing, outsourcing,…

Thus, you see: When not thinking roses, there is a lot to consider on the side and suddenly you realize that you think EURO and exchange rates and discuss concepts such as currency hedging. Weird. I prefer thinking roses.

Today’s picture on the side:  a fir twig, scanned, found in the wood yesterday afternoon, when I was out for a 30 min walk, enjoying the last sun beams.

fir twig

fir, scanned and scaled down