Give aways and goodies

Day 15 of the advent calendar

fragrant greetings from Paris! This is day 15 of the advent calendar and again another chance to win a Cologne du Maghreb. Just leave a little comment and you enter the draw, whatever you write there. Good luck to you all! And as always: we will pick the lucky winner with and contact you by email.

And if you search for an inspiration for your comment: Do you believe in random numbers? After many draws on this blog, I personally have my doubts. (…)
Paris is indeed a special city and I always enjoy it here. This time of the year Paris, like many, many cities in the world, shines and glitters. I am sorry to disappoint you: I am not hunting exclusive perfumery material like oudh from Cambodia, or the most exclusive rose from Turkey. I hunt these, But do so on the webpage of Robertet or Biolandes or Ecomaat just to name a few.

Thus, like last year, I visited a few perfumeries and like last year I bought a few presents for friends and family in Go Sport, FNAC and a few small boutiques, too. Tonight, I fly back to Zurich, which hopefully shines and glitters, too.

In a sense it is us who make cities shine and glitter. Cities are what we make of them, I guess. The folks in Paris sure make a lot of their place.

This draw is closed. See the advent calendar 2011 for the next post where you can win.