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Day 15 of the advent calendar

This is day 15 of the advent calendar, and today you can comment on perfumes with changed formulas and whether you miss them. After yesterday’s comment sections on notes with incense being very high on the list (would not have thought that)  here is another chance to win a Cologne du Maghreb by simply leaving a comment below.

Today, in a few hours, I will talk to a journalist, for a feature in an US paper, on regulations in perfume industry. I did so already in a Swiss French newspaper, for a very, very seriously researched article on IFRA and EU et al. (if you are familiar with French: There is the article in the TEMPS.) Now, please, please, please: Do not complain about IFRA. I guess there is no use discussing IFRA here and now. But here is a thought: I will ask the journalist to have a look at my blog’s comment section today for answers that I cannot give. And here are the questions for your comments (if you wish. But you are free to comment on anything to enter the draw. I pick you strictly random using

QUESTION: There are perfumes that were changed  in the past years, that were replaced by changed formulas, and that are not the same anymore. I call them part of our cultural heritage that we loose. What perfume masterpieces do you feel have changed significantly? Do you miss them? Do you buy their follow-up versions? Thank you so much!

Today’s picture: A light pattern in a perfume flacon’s shadow

flacon shadow

patterns in a flacon's shadow