Give aways and goodies

Day 16 of my advent calendar, or a stressed squirrel

(This draw is closed now) Welcome to day 16 of my advent calendar. Today, you can win again a discovery set. Just comment here and you’re in, and with a bit of luck, will pick your comment.

Yesterday, we had a technical issue with the blog and hence many could not comment while the blog was offline. Hence, the draw of Dec. 15 continues until tomorrow. If you haven’t commented there yet: Here’s the link to the Dec. 15 draw again, and thank you for your understanding.

Today, I share a busy squirrel. Squirrels are always super busy, like indie perfumers, and hence again: My little advent squirrel does not really look happy. For reasons beyond my comparison, my advent animals don’t look too happy.

Maybe it is subconscious and reflects me, yesterday: Yesterday, we (my IT gurus) had to migrate the website, from one server to another. There were a couple of issues and the result was the broken website. Nothing to worry really, but annoying for me and you, I guess. But it was a welcome reminder how vulnerable all these internet things actually are. What we see on the screens on our phones and PCs, what looks so ethereal and feels like its coming right out of space: It is all coded and written and sits in or on servers, 0 and 1 on magnetic coatings in a micro, almost nano, world. Very vulnerable if you start thinking about it; and basically magic. And every 0 and 1 needs energy to be written and rewritten and deleted. Sometimes I wonder how many power plants  are just running on this planet to keep this internet thing going. Must be a lot.

Bottomline: It is magic. And just the beginning. And even if -rarely- this internet thing does not work: I am so glad it exists.  The squirrel does not know about it; it is busy storing food for winter, I guess, and not in the mood to stand still with a Christmas ball ornament.