Give aways and goodies

Day 16 of the advent calendar

A couple of years ago, in another life, when I was more or less working 8 to 5, and had a pretty much 90% work free weekend and a 100% free time during the days between X-mas and New Year’s eve, well, then I used to play. Computer games, mostly Civ, starting from 1 and buying every major one that came out after that. I do not really feel sorry for the time spent in front of the screen, biting on my lips when loosing. Like all hunting carnivores, humans have to play. Furthermore, I am convinced that my excel tolerance today and my happily sitting in front of the machine for uncounted WORD and PHOTOSHOP and ILLUSTRATORand you name related hours is directly linked to a couple of euphorial highs when I built my empire, explored the huge oceans or went to nuclear war (after uncounted hours of going through humanity’s scientific and cultural development) in my computer game.

The last few years have not really seen me doing many computer games. I guess that’s ok, too. I do not hunt my meat and hence the carnivore excuse does not really count. And…I am getting close to the first half of my life, turning 50 in 13 months, thus: Time to get serious.

Being serious today means: Calculating numbers, and writing text and being conceptional about where Tauer Perfumes should be heading. And it means writing into excel and sniffing from time to time. Like today: Think …. sandalwood! Ah…… what a treat!

Today, is day 16 of the advent calendar and I wish you a lovely Sunday, and I hope you have something nice and cozy to treat and spoil yourself, too. You can win a fragrant soap today: Mandarines Ambrées again, fresh from my hand making thigns factory.

How? Just leave a comment here, saying hi, and – if you feel like it- you might tell us what games you are playing, if any. Fragrant greetings!

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