Give aways and goodies

Day 16 of the advent calendar

welcome back to my advent calendar, today again on my blog, with the prize of today being a discovery set. Just leave a comment here on this blog and you are included in the draw. And as always: It is picking you as winner.

Today’s Monday, after a great weekend, time to get busy again, a good week before X-mas. This weekend, on Saturday, I had the “Duftapero”, organized together with Pascal from Medieval art&vie, and very traditionally we had bubbling wine,  some food and perfume, and individual ingredients that go into perfume. Today’s picture shows you the glasses waiting for the guests, seen through a PHI flacon.

It was a great event, just the right number of people, and the start of the evening was: The apricot extract. Like “wow”, and “ohhhh” and “ahhh”. So that was super cool and yes, as Stephen commented the other day: PHI is not the last creation of mine where you will  find apricot. Yesterday, while jogging through cold grey December land, along the river, I was thinking and dreaming of a time when the holidays are over. Dreaming of an apricot splash-cologne, with apricot extrakt, hints of neroli maybe, some musks, some amber gris, fine hints of sandalwood maybe, or vetiver, in the MD quality. Or with some okoumal that goes lovely with sandalwood notes. or…

Nothing better than dreaming of hot summer evenings in grey December.