Give aways and goodies

Day 16 of the advent calendar

This is day 16 of the advent calendar and your chance to win again a Cologne du Maghreb. Today started weird at my house. Someone broke into my house over night and while I was sleeping the unknown guy took a few things that he found valuable. He sure had a selective taste: All recently acquired HERMES and all CHANELS are gone.

But the Bond No 9 was not touched, neither was Badgley Mischka, nor was the Tiffany sitting right there next to my Chanels. Quite a selective taste for a criminal.

Also gone is my backpack with a few X-mas gifts, IT gadgets, and books I bought in Paris. Thus, I spent part of my morning with the police man wondering about this and that. Amazing how much money we are talking for just a few things. But here is the good news: I can go shopping again -once I got the insurance money- , double shopping pleasure for the price of one. Ah well….

I invite you to comment and make sure to enter the draw. Any comment is fine, but maybe you want to share in light of today’s thrilling news: Has ever somebody stolen something from you?

This draw is closed now. Please visit the advent calendar for your next opportunity to win. Thank you to all of you who shared your experiences with thieves and burglars and alike. It is amazing how many of us had to make this experience.