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Day 18 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 18: Today, we look at the moon over Zurich and upcoming Sotto la luna®. And today, you can win a sample discovery set. Just leave a comment and you’re in. Please make sure to visit my advent calendar starting page tomorrow, again! Because, tomorrow, we will have a bigger draw.

Today’s picture shows you the moon over Zurich, close to where I have the 2 factory rooms. I was driving there for nightshifts the other evening. There’s always a freight train these days on the railway tracks. And my passage by the truck depot tells me that the holidays are approaching. Everybody is very busy.

The picture is symbolic, and the full moon points to what is approaching next year. This year saw a couple of changes, some mentioned here:

We got a new packaging for many of my scents, rectangular, practical, tin box still, but less sensitive to dents and easier to ship and stock. This is the last time that I want to change packaging dramatically….

We got a new top, made from Bakelite, with my logo and , well, just looking a bit nicer. And bakelite refers to art déco and makes sense with the rest of my packaging.

We introduced a new scent (Noontide Petals, that rocks in Europe, and does not really do well in the US) and we introduced  PHI-une rose de Kandahar, as a holiday special.

Thus, next year will see a continuation of the consolidation and optimization. Some of the optimizations, you will not like, as it means to cut back: Offerings that really do not make sense anymore, services that I provide that are outdated, and changes in shipment policies. I will try to keep all scents in production next year, including Eau d’épices.

And next year will see the next series of scents. SOTTO LA LUNA®, a line of fragrances, inspired by iconic flowers under the moon, will go live. Sotto la luna will start with Andy’s take on Gardenia. Its launch will be in late spring, early summer. Can’t wait…