Give aways and goodies

Day 18 of the advent calendar , a penguin, and allowances

(This draw is closed now. Make sure to visit the Dec. 19 draw. Worth a try… good luck!)
Tatata! It is day 18 of my advent calendar. And today, you can win something special. Sometime, from time to time, I make fragrant soaps. This are special as they are no product that I sell (yet). So there we go: Today you can win a Mandarine ambrées and a plush Gardenia soap. They are 100 gr., super yummy, really a treat, very fragrant, and I will ship them from Zurich. Just comment here and you are in. Good luck to you all. And thank you for your comments.

And tomorrow, we have another treat, worth checking in again….

Today’s picture: A penguin that looks like it is coming a bit late to the party.

Here, I am also a bit late with my allowances that I should have done since months basically. My bookkeeper reminded me every day. This morning, finally, I did the paperwork, September- December. Business stuff so to say. It was like a flash back: Travelling to Turin with the incense event, to Florence with Pitti, to LA with meetings, to Olten with a radio interview…

I am late because I am not super professional when it comes to the business paper work. But it needs to be done. It is part of this “juggling” of business side and the creative side of what I do. There was a great interview that Persolaise from the Persolaise blog did a while ago where I talk about how to balance the different parts. In case you are interested: Here is the link to part 1. What is funny about this business side: Technically, I am just an employee of Tauer GmbH (Limited Liability Company). And as employee I have to do the stuff that the company asks for. Like allowances. As owner of the company, I have to sit together with the bookkeeper and define what needs to be done. And as employee I have to do what the owner of the company decided.

Today, I will meet with a journalist in the “factory”, discussing some business and some creative aspects, I guess. That’s going to be fun, and the perfect excuse for not having to pack perfumes for an hour or so. Very welcome, indeed, as besides being the creative director and the super trooper CEO, I am also the packing underdog.