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Day 19 of the advent calendar

It is day 19 of the advent calendar and we are approaching fast towards the end. Thus, I invite you to take your chance to win another prize by leaving a comment on this post. Anything goes. Today, you can win again a Cologne du Maghreb. Good luck! If you need inspiration for a comment: What kind of body exercise do you do?

We got snow here in Zurich. I started my usual Sunday half marathon in snow flurry and it was wonderful. For about 5 minutes. I am a bit more a sun and sand lover, but after a while I always get into a running groove anyhow and I usually start thinking perfumes, their creation, their bottling and their presentation. Yesterday, I was thinking about an aldehydic, floral incense woody orris scent that I am working on. Not that I would not have enough scents already in my line, though. And with the next fragrance (Loretta) in the Tableau de Parfums line waiting to be mixed early spring for its big show off early autumn I will soon have more.

This will be one of my biggest conundrums to solve for 2012.  Being creative and come up with new scents, without blowing up my range of fragrances that I sell the way I sell them now. Yep: Maybe I need to sell some in a different way. Maybe I need to create a tauer outlet for some of the many new scents in the pipeline.  Maybe I am not supposed to sell some. I got a lot of comments by perfume lovers telling me to stop bringing more perfumes to the market next year and I got a lot of comments by perfume lovers telling me to bring new scents to the market.

I guess time will tell. Jogging did not end with an answer, but it sure felt good when the sun broke through and when I was done with it.

This draw is closed now. Please see the advents calendar page for a new chance to win. Thank you for participating.