Give aways and goodies

day 20 of my advent calendar, and a rabbit showing off

(This draw is closed. More chances to win here…) A warm welcome to my advent calendar post for day 20! After yesterday’s explorer set  (pssst: I think you can still comment there, on perfume posse and enter the draw!)  you can win today again a discovery set, with 5 samples of 1.5 ml each, your choice of scents. Good luck to you!

Today’s picture: a rabbit sneaking in, kind of showing off. There is no other reason (no place for Easter bunnies here really) that this bunny is appearing than me; I just happen to love bunnies in the first place, thus I painted one and I decided to publish it- ah, and yes: Publishing. I am waiting for the article to appear here, in the local newspaper.

When talking to the journalist on Thursday, it was quite amazing, actually: Both of us completely forgot the time. We ended up  talking for more than 3 hours, and both of us turned up late at the next event/happening/dinner. We talked about a lot, perfume mostly, how it is born, why. Where. And what happens these days in the perfumeries, the stores, those selling niche and those selling not so niche, and what makes the differences, between real or fake, artisanal and designer, low volume and high volume.

We basically talked pretty much about everything. And I think we both agreed that our days are really exciting, also for perfumer folks like me, as the world of perfumes is changing, fast.

But back to our rabbit and why it is here: Because of me. The same is true and will always true in my perfumery. Me, me, me: Me creating, me and nobody else, and also nobody else deciding what to share with my perfume loving friends. So there we go: More “rabbits” are on their way for 2015. Why? Because I just cannot not do it. But, psst: This is going to be a surprise. 2015 will be a year of a couple of surprises. The time is right for a couple of changes. I am very much looking forward to it.