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Day 20 of the advent calendar

This is day 20 of the advent calendar and soon, very soon we come to the end. Thus, I invite you to take your chance, leave a comment on this post and maybe you win a Cologne du Maghreb. Good luck to you! Any comment works. But if you need an inspirational topic: Any discoveries in 2011 that were exciting?

Yesterday, I learned how popular yoga seems to be. This was new to me. It is one of the things I learned in 2011. Thanks for sharing! Other things I learned in 2011 are among others: How to incorporate Marjoram in to an eau fraiche or eau de toilette scent. Marjoram, a carbon dioxide extract, was a big disovery this year and the all natural eau de toilette that I built around it is one of the formulas sitting in Excel waiting patiently for a release date. I guess I will do  as many of you suggested in yesterday’s comments: I will follow my heart.

Other fragrant discoveries in 2011 that are not part of a fragrance yet, but even more thrilling due to their status of being new in my palette of things that I explore seriously. I smelled most of them before but finally I have large quantities allowing me to play seriously in 2012: Apricot natural extract, osmanthus absolute, frangipani absolute, cypriol, tuberose absolute, and I think Verdantiol is also a 2011 molecule discovery. Each of these come with a multitude of opportunities and challenges.

I think 2012 will be fragrant. Not easy as there are quite a few clouds on the horizon, but at least it will be smelling exotic.

This draw is closed. Please see the advent calendar 2011 for another chance to win. Thank you to all of you sharing and participating.