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Day 21 of the advent calendar

This is day 21 of our advent calendar and it’s again the W-factor who is typing these lines. W stands of course for Werner (Werni) although I could live with some of your suggestions such as Wunder-Werni.  Another wonder is the fact that W survived Andy’s whimpering during the last few days. Contrary to what some of you suspected, Andy could not reach the keyboard anymore because he had shrunk nor had he worked too much; he’s simply getting old. Proof: See the x-ray below, showing some  soft tissue calcification, responsible for a serious inflammation.

The doctor is optimistic that he can save the arm and make a fortune with it in the coming years. Andy is optimistic to be up and running in 2011, trying to earn the money for the doctor.

The doctor says it’s a vicious circle. Andy says that he’s so right. Today you can win again a “Cologne du Maghreb” by simply hello in the comment section below.

x-ray, right arm

x-ray, Dec. 20, 2010 , right shoulder